Open House at Eastern: How this event has become one of Jaclyn Favaroso’s favorite days since becoming an Admissions student worker at the beginning of the academic year.

On Feb. 17, Eastern is set to hold one of the many Open Houses that are expected through the Spring semester. These events are held for the purpose of engaging prospective students with the Eastern campus as a way of working toward higher enrollment numbers for the university.

In order to get an understanding of the work and preparation, as well as expectations, that are tied to Open House events, Jaclyn Favoroso was kind enough to sit for an interview on the subject.

“Open houses are a way for Eastern University to offer prospective students and parents a sliver of what life on campus is like,” Favoroso said. The university allows students and families to sit in college classes, talk to financial aid representatives, enjoy a planetarium show, get a meal from the Dining Commons and other options for the day. The way in which Eastern personalizes Open houses is through campus yours, something Jaclyn Favoroso, a Senior Admissions student worker, thinks makes Eastern unique among colleges.

Due to the amount of people who attend Open houses and time restraints, Favoroso acknowledged that “it can be a little challenging to give a quality campus tour.” However, for her, providing an understanding of Eastern as an institution is no more important than getting to know those who show interest in the school.

“Oftentimes, prospective students and parents expect us to put on a show and persuade them that Eastern is definitely the place for them. We know that Eastern is not right for everyone, and that is why I love hearing about where people come from and what brought them to Eastern on their journey,” said Favoroso.

Preparations for Open houses start early in the morning in which they are set to take place, which is always on Mondays or Saturdays. The earliest post for an Open house begins at the main entrance to the university at 8 AM. Given the flow of people coming in and out, there is a need for a great variety of students who are willing to participate in Open house events. For Jaclyn Favoroso, that is being a greeter. “I am always eager to sign up for this position because I know how important first impressions are,” says Favoroso, “it is my job to spread positivity from the very start of the day.”

Along with a substantial number of visitors and a high level interactivity on campus, Favoroso expects there to be excitement across the Eastern community for this upcoming Open House. “There was an 8th grader that visited during this last open house,” said Favoroso, “these are students who want to get involved.” Involvement is key in the hopes Admissions has for Eastern’s future.

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