Office of Talent and Career Development Welcomes New Staff Member

Eastern’s Office of Talent and Career Development welcomes a new addition to the staff, Noelle Rosenblum, who will be serving as the new Coordinator of Internships and Career Development.

Rosenblum comes to Eastern from Reston, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. Before starting a career in education, Rosenblum received a bachelor’s degree in theater at a music conservatory. After deciding that the theater lifestyle did not suit her, she sought her master’s degree in Adult Community Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Rosenblum worked in a prison for a year, teaching career services, which she states, “changed my life.” She found Eastern after getting her master’s in December 2013 and soon became part of the career development team.

“The Office of Talent and Career Development serves as a mentor and resource for students who need guidance and advice about internships and the job search process,” Rosenblum says. Additionally, the office aids in editing cover letters and resumes, holds a mock-interviewing program, and directs workshops on social media platforms and how to use them.

Rosenblum states that it is never too early to start coming to the office for guidance. She even recommends freshmen to stop in. However, “sophomore year is the pivotal point for internship and resume building,” Rosenblum says. She recommends building a resume early rather than late senior year so that no important pieces are left out.

As for those set to graduate in May, Rosenblum encourages students not to wait to start job hunting. “It takes 6-9 months to find attractive employment, meaning a job with benefits,” Rosenblum states. She recommends that seniors start the search in November. “It shows initiative to employers,” she says.

Throughout the remainder of the semester, the Office of Talent and Career Development will be hosting several events on campus. A career fair will be held on April 3 and on April 7, a resume and cover letter workshop will be available for students to stop by for advice. On April 23, students are encouraged to attend a speed interviewing event, where employers from the area will come and serve as mock-interviewers. For additional information, “read your emails and flyers around campus!” Rosenblum says.

For more information on campus events or guidance in career building, contact Rosenblum at

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