New Art Unveiled in Dining Commons

Shortly after returning from spring break, students were greeted by a new addition to Eastern’s dining commons: a three-canvas painting portraying Eastern’s logo and moniker, “faith, reason, justice.”

Senior Eastern student, Jens Tuin, is the creative force behind the new painting. “I heard administration wanted to paint something for the dining commons; I told Bettie Ann I was interested,” Tuin says. “The only stipulations were that the mural [or] painting had to be not flashy or too distracting, but something that represented the university as a whole.”

While this particular piece of art is new, this is not the first time Tuin has contributed his artistic skills to Eastern’s campus. “I painted two other murals on campus, both in Eagle Hall,” he says. The difference between the Eagle and dining commons art is that the newest addition is not technically called a “mural,” but rather a painting. “Technically, a mural evokes thoughts of an image painted right on the wall,” Tuin says. Tuin’s Walton painting was constructed on canvas in a style called tryptic, meaning a series of related images spanning three canvases.  

The painting was executed by Tuin over spring break, spanning seven days. “I was originally going to do a mural where I painted the whole wall, but that wall is huge and I would have needed more time [and] money. So I made it smaller and put it on canvas,” Tuin says. “Overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out. I think it looks great!”

Tuin’s painting serves as a fresh addition to the dining commons that students and staff can appreciate for years to come.

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