Iran, the US, and Cyber-Attacks

The United States of America and Iran have been using a strikingly high amount of cyber weapons against one another, used for spying and sabotage. This was all described by a National Security Agency document written in the spring of 2013 by Gen. Keith B. Alexander. He was the director of the National Security agency at the time he made the document., and it explained how the United States teamed up with Britain in order to control the damage that could be created from Iran discovering new computer exploration tools. These exploration tools were believed to be used to create cyber weapons.

The document also shows that while nuclear negotiation happened in Europe, The U.S and Iran went hostile over cyber space. The document also showed that in August of 2012 Iran had three waves of attacks on American banks. The targets of these attacks included Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase. These attacks made it impossible for customers to access their accounts. These attacks were apparently in retaliation to “western activities against Iran’s nuclear sector”.

The background briefing for General Alexander stated that Iran was responsible for the cyber-attack on Saudi Armco in August of 2012. The attack was apparently in response to the attack against Iran’s oil industry that happened earlier in 2012.

The Obama administration has taken some action in order to stop some of the cyber-attacks, such as being less discreet about naming countries that they believe play a role in cyber-attacks.


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