Eastern Offers Workshop Opportunities

Throughout the beginning of the semester, Eastern’s Urban Studies department encouraged students to become a source of change in the urban environment through offering several workshop opportunities at Eastern University’s Falls Center in Philadelphia.

The first of three workshops was offered on February 22 and addressed the subject of emotional intelligence. The workshop incorporated videos, assessment techniques, role playing and case studies to help students explore their own social and emotional intelligence, which they can in turn use when working with youth in urban environments.

The second workshop, held on February 27, focused on arts in social commentary. Students explored how to use the arts as a tool to connect with urban youth to better their lives and environments. During the workshop, students used critical thinking skills and looked into some of the lives of urban artists that have used the arts to better their urban environments.

The final of the three workshops was held on March 1 and discussed sources for resource development in the urban environment. This workshop provided students with information on how to receive funding to assist in outreaches and ministries. Students worked on ways to develop programs, including skills in how to fundraise, bring awareness to their outreach, develop writing skills, and how to network.

Consider joining the Urban Studies department in their pursuit to advocate urban change through opportunities such as these in the future.

Sources: jonah.eastern.edu

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