Barnes Foundation: A look into the art institute in Center City Philadelphia.

      Many do not know that the Barnes Foundation was established in 1922 in Merion, PA by Dr. Albert C. Barnes.

      The art institute was founded  by a man who “ believed that art had the power to improve minds and transform lives.” The institute prides itself on educating people in the area of fine arts and horticulture. The institution itself was crafted by French born Philadelphia architect, Paul Cret, in 1922.

      However, today the institute now resides in Center City Philadelphia and was designed by architect Tim Williams in 2012. It houses the artwork of many well known painters, French impressionists, post-impressionists and photographers.

      According to, the  Barnes Foundation is considered to have “one of the world’s largest collections of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and early Modern paintings and African sculpture.”

      The institute allows for people to be able to take classes there to learn more about specific areas of art from a certain era in time or through the lenses of ethnic culture.

      For instance, the institute will be holding a mini-course on Black American culture and how the Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws and the Harlem Renaissance affected the Black community, as well as how Dr. Albert C. Barnes played a role in integrating them into the institute.

      On every first Sunday of the month, people are allowed free admission to the museum and offered the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities. On every first Friday of the month, visitors are able to offered access to special exhibitions, a chance to relax and enjoy cocktails while listening to live-music and more.

      For more information on this art institute and how you can gain the experience of a lifetime through visiting, go to

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