Waltonian Guide to Winter Off Campus

Living on a small campus is a great experience; there is community and a lot of opportunities to meet new people. However, when it gets cold, everyone goes all Quasimodo from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and locks themselves away in their bell towers. Even though it’s cold and everyone is beginning to hibernate, there are still a few places you can enjoy off-campus that are fun and available! Here are some ideas for getting off campus this winter season:

1. Painting. Pottery painting is a great way to get off of campus and get those creative juices flowing. In downtown Wayne, you can paint pottery at Color Me Mine. It is not super cheap, but you can choose something less expensive to paint and save money that way. The nice thing about Color Me Mine is that there is virtually nothing there that you cannot paint. They don’t just have your classic bowls and plates. They have piggy banks, knick knacks, vases, figurines, bowls that look like plates, mugs that look like bowls, plates that look like fish, etc. This can be a fun trip off campus that will help you get out of the cold and spend time with friends.

2. The Movies. The Anthony Wayne Theater is walking distance from our campus. The movies are always a great option when it’s cold outside. Get a bunch of people together, spend a ton of money on a bucket of popcorn that could feed a crowd, eat your body weight in said popcorn, and enjoy the movie!

3. Hiking. The Valley Forge National Park is beautiful if you don’t mind the cold. To me, hiking in the cold is ideal because the air is fresh, clean, and cold. It is always nice to try to get some fresh air even when winter rolls around. Going hiking here would be a beautiful way to really enjoy the scenery and get outside in God’s creation.

4. Eating Out. The shopping center in Wayne with the Panera and So Fun! has just about every type of food you could consume. Sometimes getting off campus just for an hour or so for lunch can make all the difference when you feel like you have been trapped inside all month. And the best part about this shopping center is that there isn’t a taste bud that won’t be pleased. You get your fries from Five Guys, your drink from Anthony’s, your chips and salsa from Chipotle, your sandwich from Panera, and your dessert from So Fun!, and you are looking at a meal fit for a college student!

5. City Life. Take a day and go to Philly. Pull a Ferris Bueller and go explore the city. There is shopping, food, museums, and so much more to experience. Philadelphia is a beautiful city and living so close to it means we can take it for granted. Well, don’t. Buy the train ticket and get out of Wayne for the day. I think Ferris said it best: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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