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A one-on-one with Eastern University senior Keilah Olmeda

By: Lenora Kirkland

Waltonian | The Waltonian Keilah is a senior at Eastern University looking to pursue a career in medical missions.
Source: Simon Kwilinski/The Waltonian

Keilah Olmeda is a current senior in the Templeton Honors College majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in both Spanish and Youth Ministry. Originally from Lancaster Pa., Olmeda has been living on campus since her freshman year and is an active part of the Eastern University community. She is involved in various extracurriculars on campus and serves as co-president of the Chemistry Club, president of Sigma Zeta and secretary for the Health and Medical Club. 

“In the Chemistry club, we try to support our chemical science majors by offering different events where they can connect with others with similar studies and interests, find extra resources and just come together and enjoy science,” Olmeda said. “Sigma Zeta is the STEM honors society here on campus, and the Health and Medical Club has similar goals as the Chemistry club but for those seeking to enter the health and medical field.” 

Olmeda reflected on her time at Eastern, noting how she has grown since her first year.

“Sitting in my Biochem class last year and reflecting back to my freshman year here, I was able to recognize how much I have learned and grown as a student,” Olmeda said. “I attribute much of this growth to the amazing professors in both the chemistry department and THC.”

One of the most meaningful experiences for Olmeda during her years at Eastern was her trip to the Dominican Republic this past summer. Through various connections at Eastern, she was able to travel to the country as an intern in the medical field. 

“During this trip and after looking back and processing it, I was able to hear God’s calling for my life,” Olmeda said. “My heart is with the Dominican Republic but I am willing to go wherever the Lord calls me.” 

With this in mind, Olmeda is moving toward the field of medical missions, with a passion for both her subject and its application in the wider world around her; a fact that she believes to have been facilitated by Eastern’s faith-based and service-oriented community.  

As advice to incoming freshmen, she encourages all those in need of help and support to seek it and to know that they are not alone. 

“Don’t let yourself feel like a burden. We all go through life and difficult times during our college years and it is so important as Christians to find a Christian community and within that community to carry each other’s burdens.” 

As Olmeda prepares to embark on this new phase of life, we wish her all the best as she continues to grow and develop into the person God is calling her to be. 

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