People of Eastern: Khandace Mitchell

      Khandace Mitchell is a first-year student here at Eastern and is a Criminal Justice major but is thinking of switching over to Music because she is a huge music lover. She was born and raised in West Philly and yes, on the playground is where she spent most of her days. She loves to dance, listen to music, make music, sing and worship God through song. I think it is safe to say that she breathes musical melodies as her way of filling her lungs with oxygen. She feels the most freedom and selflessness when she is worshipping her Creator. “It’s a selfless moment for me. Nothing matters in that moment and other people around me don’t matter, either. It’s just about glorifying God” Mitchell said.

      She also enjoys sitting by the pond and  enjoying nature as she reflects on her life and the world around her. It is these small moments of deep reflection that motivate her to continue growing, to push herself past her limitations and to become all that God has called her to be. “The old me is my inspiration. It reminds that I don’t want to be that old person again” Mitchell  said.

      A person who is one of her biggest inspirations is Steffany Gretzinger who is one of the lead singers for Bethel Music. “When I started listening to her, I did not have an identity and I was trying to be like other people. Seeing her worship was how I was feeling on the inside. I wanted to be vibrant” Mitchell stated.

      Her relationship with God and her experiences throughout life have greatly shaped who she is and it shapes her worship as well. She has gone through some rough times in her life where she didn’t know who she was and she struggled many years from having a broken identity. However, by the grace of God, she has been and continues to be changed by her relationship with him.

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