Crêperie Béchamel: Love at First Bite

On a rainy Friday evening in Wayne, my sweet friend Caroline and I decided to get off campus for a short while and indulge in some French cuisine. Located at 11 Louella Ct., we found the Crêperie Béchamel tucked away on a quiet street that branches off from the busyness of Lancaster Ave. Since it was after 6 p.m., we were able to park right outside the restaurant without having to pay at the parking kiosk. Huddled together under an umbrella meant for a child, Caroline and I ran into the crêperie and charged through the single door. No more than 10 little tables filled the small restaurant, but the size of the dining area only added to its dainty element. The very moment we walked through the door, the cashier/waitress/chef/superwoman named Jennifer cheerfully shouted, “I’ll be with you ladies in a minute!”

Crêperie Béchamel was established in June 2012 by Jennifer and Patrick Yasaitis. The couple’s first date was at a crêperie, and their love for cooking and food led them to open a restaurant of their own. The Yasaiti duo runs the whole gig — from taking orders and cooking, to all the tedious work behind the scenes. If you walk into the crêperie on any given day, you’ll find the Yasaitis up to their elbows in crêpes with the friendliest of smiles etched on their faces.

At the crêperie, customers seat themselves and order over the counter, Panera-style. Caroline found a seat close to the window looking out on Louella Ct. After taking time to sift through the menu, Caroline chose a chicken, honey, and sweet potato crêpe from the “Specials” menu scribbled on the chalkboard that day. I, on the other hand, opted for a breakfast crêpe loaded with bacon, egg, and cheese.

While Caroline and I both chose items filled with meaty goodness, there are plenty of vegetarian options. There are also gluten-free dishes, and accommodations will be made for any other allergies upon request. The possibilities for crêpes are seemingly endless, as customers have the ability to create their own dish using any of the ingredients. The assortment of beverages, on the other hand, are fairly limited. They offer bottled drinks, coffee, hot tea, or apple cider. I chose the hot tea while Caroline picked cold apple cider (which was definitely the better choice).

At a restaurant with so few employees, Caroline and I anticipated a long wait. We were pleasantly surprised when, after about 10 minutes, Jennifer called, “Caroline! Shelly!” signaling that our food was waiting for us at the counter. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your precious food finally arrive. Jennifer was our hero.

The crêpes were warm — the perfect temperature to eat right away. I used the side of my fork to cut off a little piece, and it sliced right through the thin pocket of breakfast goodies. It was love at first bite. I looked across the table at Caroline to see her reaction, and she was equally pleased.

We initially thought that crêpes would not offer much sustenance, but we were pleasingly filled by our individual orders. Still, we wanted to try a sweet crêpe and agreed to split dessert. As two Nutella fanatics, we ordered one with Nutella and strawberry filling. Jennifer kindly cut our crêpe in half and served it on two separate plates. Each half was sprinkled with powdered sugar, making it the perfect subject of an Instagram post. We fell deeply in love with our chocolatey crêpe; it was soft and warm, giving the Nutella the perfect gooeyness. I probably could have eaten six of them.

After the meal, Caroline and I discussed our overall dining experience. Out of 5 stars, Caroline gave it a 4.5, her only issue being that the crêpes ran on the pricey side. I gave the restaurant a 4 because of the prices and the limited beverages. Caroline paid $10 for her chicken crêpe while I paid about $7 for my breakfast crêpe. The Nutella and strawberry dessert was only $5.

Our evening at the crêperie was fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend the crêperie for anyone looking to try something new in a cute, quiet nook of Wayne.

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