Amos 8:1-2

In Hebrew, “qês” means fruit. It also means end.

As Amos spoke with the thunder of God’s anger

He stood before God and defended the people of Israel.

The people had no worries of locusts swarming and devouring everything alive,

Or the fire that would burn their throats more than the desert heat ever would.

Such courage, prophet!

But the last time you went to the mountain and stood before God,

You turned and turned as His voice spoke through the wind.

Dust was kicked up and He yelled,


Look at this fruit! This ripe, bountiful basket,

It overflows with fruit!”

His voice softened like a stream,


Like this fruit in the heat they will rot.

They will have their end.”

And He and Amos were silent until the wind died down,

And Amos wept as the news of the nation’s fall

Rained down like figs from the trees.

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