The Spotlight: Katie Haring

Although she’s allergic to certain types of glitter, Katie Haring, the Chair of Eastern’s Student Activities Board, probably doesn’t mind if a speckle here and there made its way to any events she’s throwing. The Waltonian spoke with the Psychology major, with minors in Management and Marketing, about SAB and the New Year at Eastern.


WALTONIAN: For whoever doesn’t know, describe what SAB does in one sentence.

Katie Haring: SAB tries to provide fun on and off-campus events for EU students.

WALT: Why join the SAB?

KH: Joining SAB gives you an opportunity to make your voice heard, be involved on campus, learn how to plan events, and have a lot of fun while doing so.

WALT: Is SAB (or are you) excited for 2014? Pessimistic? What do you think of the New Year?

KH: We [SAB] are excited for the new semester – to try new ideas!

WALT: Without any spoilers, what activities does SAB have in store for Eastern’s campus for 2014?

KH: We will have a few coffeehouses, a big trivia gameshow, ice skating, dances, a Sixers game, the Spring Banquet, and…maybe even a few other surprises.

WALT: If there was no limit on money, what even would you like to bring to campus?

KH: If there was no limit on money, we would love to just have more events each semester, and be able to do many of the suggested events that we have received from students, but we can not afford to do it.

WALT: What do you think of New Year resolutions? Does SAb have any changes/resolutions it wants to make for 2014?

KH: As a team, we are excited that the new semester brings new opportunities to improve.

WALT: Do you have any advice for the campus when its comes to New Year resolutions?

KH: I think that instead of making New Year resolutions, making daily resolutions puts less pressure on ourselves; this allows for constant growth instead of expecting to change overnight and being disappointed when we fail.


Well said, Katie!

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