Eastern University is centered in a vibrant area with tons of local food and convenient chains. As college students, we have limited time and money to commit to a long process of trial and error in every restaurant. That’s where this guide comes in! Trust your fellow students to guide you to the good grub.

First up, cafes. Cafes are the perfect place to order an overpriced latte and pretend to get work done. From general student chatter and my own experiences, two cafes stand a head above the rest. 

Gryphon Cafe, located on W Lancaster Avenue, has all the classic coffee shop fare, from an americano to cappuccino, but they also have branched out into adjacent options like matcha lattes and loose-leaf tea. They also carry seasonal drinks, like hot cider and house-made lemonade. As for food, Gryphon Cafe boasts pastries, toasts and sandwiches. Gryphon Cafe’s strengths are the variety and quality of their beverages. If you want a cup of coffee with quality beans, this is the place. Its weaknesses are in the slightly higher price and the limited seating space, especially on weekends. But, if you have a slow Tuesday afternoon free, I recommend spending it finishing a daunting reading in the Gryphon grabbing a pot of cost-effective loose-leaf tea. 

Mad Anthony is situated in the Wayne Station, and this gives it an antiquated charm and the novelty of watching a train blur past. Mad Anthony does have great coffee and a similar food array to Gryphon Cafe, but it outperforms the Gryphon Cafe in its provision of one essential service: gelato. Mad Anthony carries a spread of several excellent gelato flavors that are rich, creamy and flavorful. For the lactose-intolerant students, there’s also sorbet in inventive flavors like lavender. My personal favorite at Mad Anthony is the Cocoa Rosso gelato, which is a dark chocolate flavor with velvety fudgy notes. Excellent to mix with a lighter flavor, or eat in small quantities on its own. 

With dessert and coffee out of the way first, let’s move backward towards our appetizers. Everyone needs a little snack sometimes, and these two locations are all that and a bag of chips (literally). 

Wawa is a student favorite for a reason, according to Mac Macolino. It’s cheap. It’s fast. It’s walking distance from campus. What’s not to love? It’s even open late for those of us who may need late-night snacks post-studying. In the same price vein, Lancaster Farmers Market is the perfect pick for a quick snack. One unnamed student mentioned that he likes to get a soft pretzel and a slushie from one of the many stands. Lancaster Farmers Market is the perfect place for friends with vastly different tastes to come together, sporting stalls that sell Greek Food, Chinese, Americana, deli food, and even a wonderful little breakfast place that makes great crepes. 

Students looking for a break from the Dining Commons will have different desires. Some may want a nice night out with friends, some might want a perfect first-date spot, and some still might want a moment of peace to themselves. Look no further than these suggestions from fellow students. 

For great ramen and sushi, Leah Laut recommends Hakata, near the Trader Joe’s. It’s a great place for if you want to get something different every time. Reasonably priced for a sit-down experience, Hakata has something for everyone. If this restaurant strikes your fancy, Leah recommends a Yummy Roll. 

For a classic Americana a step above diner food, check out Will Cunningham’s recommendation: Christopher’s. Christopher’s offers pizza, sandwiches, wraps, and more. The dining atmosphere is, according to Will, the fancy feel without the fancy price. 

Or perhaps, you want a more simple fare with a more simple recommendation. In that case, take Nick Lanhart’s word on the matter: “Winger’s. Best hot wings I’ve had.” 

Of all the dinner recommendations, my personal favorite is Saffron Indian Kitchen. It’s a great first date spot for those who want to impress without breaking the bank. They offer great lunch specials and the portion sizes are usually enough for two meals. 

Wayne, PA is a rich and vibrant area for cuisine, from the simple cup of coffee to a nice date night. I hope these recommendations have helped you find something to your taste.