Author: Lauren Murphy


The Issue: Should we have the right to die?

*Trigger warning for suicide, physician-assisted suicide, or death.* [twocol_one]Yes Kit Apostolacus Death is a very sensitive thing—despite us all inevitably experiencing it. I want to be very careful and note that I am not encouraging suicide. My situation is notably different from Brittany Maynard’s, the 29-year-old woman with terminal cancer […]


Ordinary to Extraordinary

Intrinsically, we are just ordinary people. Many of us are ordinary college students who, on a typical day, wake up, go to class, eat a couple of meals, watch a lot of television and goof around with our friends until we remember the stack of homework we haven’t done, in […]


Early Eagles: Students who arrived to campus early

The early bird may get the worm, but the early Eastern Eagle gets so much more. Several groups of students, including resident assistants (RAs), student chaplains, fall athletes, fall teaching assistants (TAs), Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) first year students and members of campus ministries, arrived on campus early this semester. […]