Author: Jaimie Dixon

Center Spread

Celebrating Black History Month

#BLACKLIVESMATTER: The importance of Black Lives Matter and how they honor the lives of the victims, seek justice for them, their families, and the Black community, as a whole. Trayvon Martin. Mya Hall. Mike Brown. Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland. Walter Scott. These are the names that Black Lives Matter (BLM) members […]


Inside Solidarity Week: Refuge, a student run club on campus, holds a week of solidarity to raise awareness for the LGBTQ community.

      Building awareness, creating a space for students to ask questions and guiding people to resources– this is what 2019’s LGBTQ Solidarity Week was all about. Around campus during the week of March 25 – 29, there were colorful, rainbow flyers adorning every cork board in sight. A […]


Valentine’s Day Traditions: Inside interviews with Eastern students about how they spend Valentine’s Day, whether they are in a relationship or single.

      Valentine’s Day typically gets two different responses. Some people adore everything about the holiday: the gift exchanges, the proclamations of love and the extra appreciation. Others are not fans of Valentine’s Day, seeing it as an unnecessary excuse to spend money or an opportunity for businesses to […]


Explore Eastern Weekend

      In Jan. Explore Eastern happened on campus. “Explore Eastern Weekend is an opportunity for prospective students to experience campus life and student life for a weekend,” Beth Pass, Associate Director of Visitation and Admissions Counselor said. I spoke with her nearly two weeks after the exciting event […]


EQUIP, a Summer Program: Rapid, intense schedules, late nights, early mornings and quick friendships — this was EQUIP.

      A rigorous three-week summer program, EQUIP prepares incoming first year students for the workload and new environment Eastern University provides for them in the fall. Throughout the program, the twenty-five students who came to EQUIP attended five classes every day and participated in study hours every evening. […]