Articles written by: Grace Newman


Isle of Dogs: A Review of Wes Anderson’s Newest Film

      Those who know the work of Wes Anderson know that no films are identical to his. His humour, dialogue and storylines are so refreshing in contrast to other typical Hollywood movies; the word unique seems too insufficient to describe his artistry. For those unfamiliar with Anderson, he […]


Sounds in the Holiday Season

With the start of the Christmas season comes many wonderful traditions, which includes listening to Christmas songs we all know and love. During the month of December, it’s not unusual to turn on the radio and hear several stations playing holiday hits, both new and old. Celebrities even host their […]


Staff Spotlight: Sharee Schenck

      It’s Monday morning: you hit snooze on your alarm one too many times and sprint to the Dining Commons before your dreaded 8 a.m. class. In the midst of a hectic beginning to the week, it’s always uplifting to know that there will be a friendly face […]