Author: Gabrielle Pardocchi

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Major Changes in the Dance Department: A reintroduction of the Dance major to Eastern’s curriculum.

In 2019, Eastern students thought they were saying goodbye to the last ever dance majors to graduate from the university; however, dancers were happily surprised at the reinstatement of the major last spring. Eastern University’s Dance Department is now offering the dance major, starting this semester, with a course load […]

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September was Suicide Prevention Month: Members of Eastern’s community reflect on their experiences and opinions regarding suicide, mental health, and more.

The Aftermath: How an uncle’s suicide shapes a young girl by Gabrielle Pardocchi My uncle committed suicide when I was nine years old. At least, I think he did. He had been battling with a drug addiction for years, before overdosing in 2008. He had told my grandmother a few months before […]

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To Connect as Dancers Without Touch: A look at how Eastern’s dancers will move through Coronavirus

Dance is known for its connection between dancers, moving together as one; however, in this pandemic, performers are without an essential element to the art: touch. As the virus continues to spread, artists are attempting to resume their practices while keeping the integrity of their art. Masks and social distancing […]

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Podcast Highlight: Brené on FFTs

First times are uncomfortable because they are new and uncertain, but what would happen if people started to normalize these feelings? Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston, studies vulnerability, shame, and empathy. In her new podcast, “Unlocking Us,” Brown explores her studies and their application in […]