Coach’s Corner: A moment with the Eastern’s Men’s Basketball Coach.

Coach Dan Pruessner is the head coach for Eastern’s basketball team. During Pruessner’s time in college, he played for Northlands International University. He then went to the United States Sports Academy to obtain a masters degree in Sports Science.

Before he joined Eastern University, Pruessner spent fifteen years coaching for schools across the country. He spent eight of those years coaching at Florida Christian School in Miami. He achieved more district championships than any other coach in the school’s 45-year history. Later spent four of the fifteen years coaching Freedom Christian Academy in Fayetteville, N.C. Being named the Coastal Plains Independent Conference Coach of the Year, taking the school team to NCISA Final Four, and developing over fifteen players that obtained NCAA scholarship offers. After this, he joined the Eastern’s basketball team in 2018 as an assistant coach.

In 2019, Pruessner was promoted to head coach. Since then, they have faced some challenges, most of which involve the covid pandemic. In our 2020-2021 season, the team was only able to play up to eight games throughout the season. Some of these games were missed due to players contracting the virus themselves. Now that the pandemic has died down, the coach has big plans for the team’s upcoming season.

Pruessner plans on changing the team’s identity by making a faster tempo team, planning to make them score higher on their division’s ranks. Pruessner also intends to develop the team’s defense further. When asked about what teams he was nervous about playing, Pruessner responded, “The best teams are York, Alvernia, Albright, and Lebanon Valley.” 

I wondered why he wanted to coach at a collegiate level. Pruessner responded with, “Even at D3 level, the players have so much passion, and it’s amazing to teach the game.”. His wife’s family was also from this area which impacted his decision to coach Eastern’s Basketball team rather than take up the other offers he had. With the new season underway, the Eastern community can hold their heads up high as their Eagles soar through the ranks. With Coach Dan Pruessner’s game plan and the recruits, this looks like an up-and-coming season.

Clubs Feature: Meet Model UN and Habitat for Humanity

When you first encounter the club list for Eastern University, you may be thrown off by how many clubs we have. If you’re looking for something fun, check out the Habitat for Humanity and Model UN.

Habitat for Humanity is a club that focuses on educating people about building affordable housing. They are also a part of the campus ministry. While they cannot offer credit for service learning this year, they hope that they will be able to change that in the coming years. In previous years, students would have the option to do their service learning through Habitat for Humanity; it is the only club on campusthat offers the opportunity to get your service learning done while participating in club activities. Usually, Habitat for Humanity has three big events each year. The big three events would be their Habitat Day in October, their trip to North Carolina during spring break, and their Act, Speak, Build Week, accompanied by smaller events throughout the year. If you are interested in joining the club, you can either email Habitat for Humanity at or message the habitat instagram “Habitat_EU”. The meeting times are every other Monday starting Sept. 13 at 7:00 p.m. (location to be determined). Club member Chris Metheny said, “I enjoyed going around campus and trying to raise awareness,” when asked about his experience with Habitat for Humanity.

Model UN is a club that helps students prepare for the Model UN conferences. During the conferences, each member is assigned a country and then makes arguments on the behalf of the assigned countries for various topics. Countries can also form blocks; these blocks can then work together and build their case to support their claim on the topic at hand. Once a year, there will be a special conference that takes place outside of Eastern, which is what the club trains for. If you do well enough, you will be able to earn a gavel, which is the equivalent of a first place trophy. In previous years, they have gone on trips to Boston and Montreal for their big conference. Besides being a fun way to immerse yourself in international political discourse, Model UN looks great on law school resumes.

These clubs are just two of the many activities Eastern offers. I encourage the readers to go on the school’s website and search for these clubs as well. There are a variety of enjoyable and easy clubs available for people of all interests!