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New “Rings of Power” Show Struggles:

A look into the controversy surrounding Amazon’s new high-budget show. By: Brian Lines For those who might be unaware, there is currently quite a lot of controversy in the entertainment sector surrounding a new television show: Amazon Prime’s “Rings of Power.” In 2017, Amazon acquired the television rights to “Lord […]


Fantasy Football/Futbol:

What you need to know. By: Brian Lines In the first week, Josh Allen earned his owners 31.48 points against the L.A. Rams’ defense despite only having a predicted amount of 22.65 points. Also in the first week, for those who captained him, Mohamed Salah earned his owners 24 points […]


Highlighting the Theatre Department:

A forward look into our theatre department’s year. By: Brian Lines Since early 2020 when COVID-19 shut down most of the performing arts, communities have recently started revitalizing the arts. One of the performing arts programs here at Eastern University that is hoping to nurse itself back into health is […]

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Chelsea Future Unknown: Roman Abramovich will likely sell Chelsea after the events happening in Ukraine.

On February 24, Russia began its invasion of its neighbor, Ukraine. As nations began to place sanctions on Russian President, Vladimir Putin, eyes turned to the Russian 1%. On March 2, Chelsea FC owner and Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich, made a shocking statement saying that he has passed “stewardship and […]

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Artist Spotlight: A quick interview and highlight of an artist at Eastern University.

Philosopher and play-critic, Aristotle, defined acting in “Rhetoric” as “a matter of the right management of the voice to express the various emotions.” Aristotle goes on to say that “dramatic ability is a natural gift, and can hardly be systematically taught.” It would be dramatically difficult to not witness this […]