Author: Athony Pelone


The Orchestra Goes on Strike

     There’s something about book burnings that will always wrench the heart, will always make a statement, will always draw attention: something about the artistry being defaced, being under-appreciated in that brutal way, that even those most out of touch with art are able to recognize. The pages wilt […]


Fishing for Luck, a creative writing piece

Mark grumbled as he cast yet another line into the lake’s depths. Having lost count of his fishing attempts at maybe two hours ago, he’d begun to conclude this was just not his day. The fish weren’t biting, none of his friends could make it, the boat wouldn’t stop creaking, and […]


Flappy Bird App Pull Creates Speculation

The infamously difficult mobile game Flappy Bird–which centers around a beady-eyed bird clumsily fluttering its way through an endless path of pipes–has been removed from the iTunes store following an intense spike in popularity. But why pull it when it was raking in $50,000 per day? Amid conspiracy theories of […]


Olympic Controversies Continue

As the 2014 Olympic Winter Games approaches the city of Sochi, Russia, anticipation looms not only over the potential results within the veritable selection of sports, but over the safety of its participants and crowd-goers.  Threats range from acts of terrorism, to the downplaying of any homosexual identities within the […]


The Waltonian Guide to Blogging

With the advent of blogging websites throughout the internet, it’s likely that the thought of creating one yourself has crossed your mind; however, the starting process can often be difficult. For example, what exactly do you want to blog about? Should it be focused entirely on a sole subject, or […]