Articles written by: Anne Nusbaum

Dr. Roy Clouser lectures on the myth of religious neutrality in Gough Great Room on Jan. 23.

The Myth of Religious Neutrality

     On Jan. 23, Eastern University’s Philosophical Society partnered with the Perspectives series to bring in guest speaker Roy Clouser. Dr. Clouser currently holds the position of professor emeritus at the College of New Jersey, where he teaches courses in philosophy and religion. Prior to his teaching position, Clouser […]


Senior Dance Concert: Hope Rising

     This past weekend, Eastern’s dance department put on their annual Senior Showcase. Each year, the senior dancers choreograph pieces for the show. Each senior composes several distinct pieces, typically telling a story or sharing a theme. This year’s showcase, Hope Rising, was split into two programs (A and […]

Conversation: A lesson in listening

Conversation: A lesson in listening

     More than three years deep in college, texts and tests, one of the only things I’m certain of is that to be a good student, we must be capable of good conversation.      Every time we step foot in a classroom, every time we crack open a […]


Palmer Sem. To move to St. Davids

In February of 2013, the Eastern University Board of Trustees tasked a sub-committee with the selection of a new home for Palmer Theological Seminary. Members included Tom Ridington (Chair), Paul Alexander, Willette Burgie-Bryant, Jeffrey Gromis, Pernell Jones, Loida Martell-Otero, Tiffany Murphy, and Stella Orbina. These members carefully researched and considered […]