Author: Alexa Swantek


Performing Arts Living Room

     The Performing Arts Living Room is an annual event at Eastern University, which allows Eastern students to write, direct, and act in their own plays. While the event occurs every year, it does not always garner a lot of attention. I hope to see a lot of people […]


Introducing American Sign Language

       When I was a baby,  I lost the ability to speak. I don’t know the exact age this happened, because I was so young. My speech was developing completely fine until, one day, it just stopped. No one knew why at first, but the doctors suspected it […]


Tri-county Concerts

       When young, upcoming classical musicians perform, it’s easy to imagine them being welcomed to a crowded theatre with enthused audience members. This is apparently not a very common sight at Eastern University. At three o’clock on Sept. 24, the Tri Country Concert was held, featuring a lovely […]


Staff Spotlight: Maria Arizmendi

      A petite woman. Dark yet fair, small yet strong. You might have seen her smiling eyes  while she sweeps the stairs up to the dining commons. Or when she cleans the bathrooms. Or the hallway. Well, you probably see her pretty much everywhere in Walton Hall. Taking out […]