Author: Abigail Brooke


Student, Abigail Stevens, Receives a Research Prize: Abigail Stevens shares about her research on housing for returning citizens and the reasons for her interest in the topic.

      Abigail Stevens is a senior Economic Development major at Eastern University, who has recently been granted a Research Prize from the Center for Public Justice because of her research on housing for returning citizens in Philadelphia. The grant is offered specifically to students from Christian universities and […]


Sports and the Derby

      When you think of a “derby,” your first thought is probably the annual Kentucky Derby horserace, or maybe roller derbies. This cultural definition of “derby” makes the term into a kind of description of a race, whether between people or animals. However, that is not all a […]


Surviving Finals Week

      Finals week. It’s a phrase that looms over us all semester. It’s when everything we’ve learned for the past four months culminates itself in the form of major exams, extensive papers and overwhelming projects. For some, we’ve become finals-week pros, but for others, it can feel like […]