What boils my egg

At long last, the cool crisp air of autumn has rushed against my face. The tastes of ciders, pumpkins and ginger snap cookies dance on my tongue in sheer bliss. Playoffs have begun for the Phillies, and I am plastered to the couch in anticipation. Everything is just the way it should be. That is, if it were not for the usual barriers…

You know what really boils my egg?

Professors that feel their class is the only class on a campus. These are the types that have a normal class period, with the abnormal amount of workload attached to it. When will they accept the fact that their 3-credit courses do not qualify for a certification unto themselves?

Keep in mind that I am not referring to every professor with a decent workload. I expect my classes to have a substantial amount of work. After all,  it is what we pay for.

I am only speaking of the professors that assign the outrageous six hours worth of homework after each class. Anything past four hours just decreases any attention span  I have left to zero.

It is not like the additional work is always necessarily important for their lessons. The additional articles of information that elaborate in great detail the points of the main articles should be considered optional. We do not have the time or the patience to handle all of the monotony!

Do they forget that most students have to take fifteen to eighteen credits per semester? If every professor on a campus provided the equal amount of work as these obsessive ones, the student body would be sleeping through each class, nullifying the purpose of attendance. To simplify the message, we need time to relax!

I remember a course I took once in which the professor assigned close to sixty pages worth of reading after each class, and two-page response papers for each reading. Two of their students had a mental breakdown from the amount of work given in addition to their other courses and were forced to drop. Is this an effective way of teach?

Professors must keep in mind that though most of us are students first, we must take time for ourselves to relax and to live a more effective lifestyle. Perhaps the abilities to show up to class on time and alert will improve our work ethic and general attitudes.

Consider this egg: boiled.

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