Watch out, plain potato chips; Doritos has a new star

Eastern student by day, Superbowl commercial star by night?

This could be the story of senior Corey Copeland, who was recently filmed in a Doritos commercial.

In early November, Copeland spent roughly four hours on the set, as he shot what may become part of a commercial series to be aired during the Feb. 4 Superbowl.

Copeland got the opportunity through a friend who attends Drexel University and works for a production company.

“We were talking one day, and he mentioned that he was shooting a commercial, and needed an extra person. I didn’t know he was going to be directing until I got there, but he is smart and one of the funniest guys I know, so it was fun,” Copeland said.

The concept of the commercials deals with a stingy roommate who continues to eat all of the Doritos.

According to Copeland, in the first commercial a roommates finds his bag of Doritos with a hole in the bag and a single chip inside, which he places in a mouse trap, hoping to capture a sneaky rodent.

When the roommate hears the trap go off, he rushes to find his roommate caught in the trap, not a mouse.

Following this is the second part of the commercial, in which Copeland is involved.

“I really didn’t do anything,” Copeland said jokingly. “I sat on the couch, shook my head, and tossed a basketball in the air.”

In this commercial, Copeland is on that couch with his roommate, who is eating Doritos, while they are both watching nothing but static on the TV.

Copeland and the roommate call their third roommate to locate the remote in order to change the channel, only to find the third roommate in the kitchen with his hands caught in two mouse traps.

“The scene that I am in is only around eight seconds long, but it took us four hours, as we threw around ideas, and changed a few things along the way. We also had to shoot the scene from different angles,” Copeland said.

Copeland said many of the other members of the commercials were college students, just like him.

“We aren’t actors. We all just kind of stumbled into this, as it was more of a project to do some research for Doritos,” he said.

Overall, Copeland enjoyed working on the project.

“It was fun. In my scene, the guy on the couch with me had to eat a chip every time we shot the scene. By the fifth or sixth time, he said he couldn’t even taste the chips, so we joked with him all day about that,” Copeland said.

As of right now, the filming is complete, and production is in progress.

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