Two truths and a lie: Academic Computing

Erich Ploppa 1. I had a walk-on part in The Sixth Sense.2. My family has an apartment in Munich, Germany.3. I was a student at Bryn Mawr College.

Kevin Gallagher 1. I worked in a nuclear plant.2.I played football for Villanova.3. I know how to program in nine computer languages.

Karl Beiler1. I worked for IBM.2. I once ate 12 frosties from eight different Wendy’s restaurants in one day.3. I know how to program in C++.

Phil Mugridge1. I was a junior at Eastern the last time the Flyers won the Stanley Cup.2. I know how to handle a forklift. 3. I sat next to Bill Gates back in the early 80s on a train ride from Boston to Philadelphia.

The lies: Ploppa, 1; Gallagher, 2; Beiler, 3; Mugridge. 3.

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