The sweet smell of summer, dollar dogs and hopes of a World Series

I was once involved in a shouting match with one of my friend’s grandfathers over whether the Phillies will ever win anything. He said it will never happen. I said they’ll win a World Series sometime before I die, because I won’t die before it happens. Of course, at the rate that the Phillies are going (one championship in team history), my friend’s grandfather may just be right.

In the Phillies’ 123-year history, they have won just one World Series championship – so much for other teams feeling cursed. It has been 13 seasons since the Phillies even made the playoffs. Maybe fans should start praying for angels in the outfield. Despite the team’s poor performance, I will forever be a fan.

It’s too late to advertise a night away from campus at a Phillies game, but if you’re in the area this summer or returning to Eastern next fall why not treat yourself to a ball game?

Picture this: It’s a beautiful clear night in South Philadelphia. You’re sitting in the bleachers with your friends. The lights are on as the sun dips below the colored clouds and horizon outside the stadium. You lean back in your seat and relax. Everything is peaceful. You can see Philadelphia’s city skyline if you look through the opening in the stadium. The smell of popcorn and hot dogs is in the air. The beer spills are making your shoes stick to the ground (I like it). Players names echo from the loudspeakers. Everyone is cheerful.

Even if you are not a fan, you are cheating yourself by never going to a Phillies game – especially at their new ballpark, Citizens Bank Park. The atmosphere is amazing. If you’re looking for a taste of Philadelphia culture, this would be my recommendation. You’ll experience it all – the cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell (that tolls every time the Phillies hit a home run), a good chance that the Phillies will lose, and definitely some booing from the diehard Philadelphia fans. Just don’t wear any Yankees, Mets or Braves gear and you’ll be safe.

Chances are that the Phillies won’t win anything again this year, but we can still have hope! They still need starting pitching, the bullpen is in shames, and the Mets are good this year. On the positive side, we do have one of the league’s top lineups so far as the one through six hitters is concerned. If you’re looking for something to do, check out the schedule and order some tickets.

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