The issue: college education

It is not hard to understand why employers require some form of education in order to consider you for a job. School prepares you for life. As cliché as that sounds, it is the honest truth.
When we are little we learn how to talk, read, spell and count. As we get older we learn more complex things like grammar and algebra. Each stage of school prepares us for different levels of development.
Education is necessary for jobs because we have gained most of our knowledge from going to school. School is a place for learning, not only academics but also social skills. We learn how to interact with others, important for people of all ages. In a job, you probably will not work only with people of the same age. You will have to interact with those above you and below you. It can be difficult for some to take orders from others, but schooling provides many instances where this dynamic plays itself out.
People are typically ready to enter the workforce once they have completed their bachelor’s degree. You are viewed as an adult capable of handling a job in the profession of your desire. Employers do not only look at your grade point average and how well you did in your classes, they look at the clubs you were a part of and various other activities that show that you are a well-rounded individual. Future employers look for someone who exemplifies intelligence.
Education is necessary for jobs because it teaches you how to be responsible. You learn to meet deadlines and be on time. Education is important because it teaches us many life lessons that we would not gain otherwise.

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