Ten last-minute costume ideas

It is Halloween night, and you weren’t planning on dressing up until a group of your friends came pounding on your door, begging you to go trick-or-treating with them. But you have nothing to wear. Have no fear: Here are several quick, last-minute costumes that you can throw together.

1.  Ghost. The quintessential last-minute Halloween costume. Just grab a white sheet, cut some eye holes in it and throw it over your head.

2.  Hippie. All you need is a pair of jeans, sandals and a tie-dyed shirt, and you will be good to go. Ladies can add a small braid in their hair and a flower behind the ear to accessorize. Don’t forget to give everyone the peace sign while trick-or-treating.

3.  Baby. Put on a pair of pajamas and carry around a teddy bear all night. If you want to go all-out, bring along a baby bottle or pacifier as well.

4.  Hobo. Find all of your rattiest clothes–the holeyer the better. Make sure to put on lots of layers and try not to match.

5.  Cingular Wireless Bars. Grab five friends of all different heights. All dress in matching blue sweat suits and stand in order of height. Guaranteed to get you more candy bars from more places.

6.  Nerd. Wear some really short pants (or roll up normal pants so that they come above your ankles), a button-up shirt with a pocket, suspenders and glasses. Tuck the shirt into the pants, put some pens in the shirt pocket and wrap tape around the glasses to make it look like they have broken several times. Be sure to talk in a nasally voice all night.

7.  Charlie Brown. Take a yellow t-shirt and draw a zigzag stripe across the front of it with a black sharpie. Wear black pants or shorts. This costume will work especially well if you have a shaved head.

8.  Mummy. Dress in white and wrap yourself in toilet paper. You may need to request extra toilet paper from your resident assistant.

9.  Twister Board. Draw all the necessary colored circles on a piece of white poster board and attach it to your shirt. For even more accuracy, carry around the game spinner.

10. Grapes. Attach purple inflated balloons to a purple shirt. You can safety pin the tied part of the balloons to the shirt. For a variation of this costume you can use clear balloons with a white shirt and be either bubbles or Lady Gaga.

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