Students upset with security transportation service

Irate students have been complaining about how security is not much of a help these days. There has been talk that security assistance is unavailable when required.

When sophomore Robert Willingham heard that campus security will no longer be offering dorm-to-dorm transportation, he reacted like most of the students on campus.

“They got stricter this year and that’s not cool,” he said. “They should not do that.”

A lot of students think that security has changed rules regarding transportation, but Jim Magee, Director of Campus Security has denied the claim.

According to Magee, there was never a rule that required security officers to transport students from dorm to dorm.

“Our officers were nice enough to pick up and drop off students from dorm to dorm until now, but now the requests for those have overwhelmed the officers,” Magee said. “So now they will just do what is required of them.”

Campus security will transport students to and from the Valley Forge parking lot, St. Davids and Wayne train station after 5:30 p.m. until midnight. They will bring students to campus from these locations after midnight,  but they will not drive students to these spots past midnight. Students should also know that after 5:30 p.m., if students need to walk from one dorm to another, security will be willing to walk with them.

Students have been expressing the importance of security transportation, especially when they have luggage to carry.

“I had a bunch of friends who were trying to go from Doane to Eagle and they had a lot of bags to carry, and because security didn’t help them, they had to walk all the way with these huge bags,” sophomore Kayla Woodford said.

Junior Crystal Yetter has developed a good relationship with security but expressed her frustration for the handicapped on campus.

“It is not fair that they are not going to transfer people on crutches or people who are handicapped,” she said.

Magee believes he and his team are doing the best they can. “We have received a couple of callers who were not happy, but they just had to be explained to,” he said.

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