Student Poetry

Mom’s Voice
By Chen Huang

Moving through the fields of gold
Brushing the fields of grain
with her finger tips
It was never dark where she was
No more pain, and no more suffering
And so she danced
Smiling, letting the breeze caress
Her face like a lover
The tender kiss of love once forgotten
She was finally free
To be whatever she wanted
And so she danced

She Danced
Justin Holdefer

In the darken sky
There is quietness everywhere
You can only hear the wind
Whosh whosh whosh whosh
Down below in the bedroom
Mother puts the quaint child to sleep
She says the pleasant lullaby
Hush, hush, say good night.
The child puts her eyes to sleep
And the mother goes to bed
And so silence is back tonight
But the wind is still going
Whosh, whosh, whosh, whosh

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