Operation Net

Operation Net is a non-profit dedicated to providing mosquito nets in African and South American countries devastated by malaria. Malaria kills a child every 45 seconds, and to those at risk, mosquito nets save lives. Operation Net focuses not only on raising money for malaria nets, but it provides resources for educating people about preventative measures. Eastern University alumni Kali Fairchild (class of 2012), founded the non-profit after a trip to Uganda, Africa where she experienced the severity of malaria first hand. Under the leadership of Christian Radziwon as President, and Adam Spangler as Vice President, Operation Net promotes events on campus to support malaria awareness.
A single mosquito net costs approximately 10 US dollars, which unfortunately is unaffordable for many sub-Saharan families. Given that the average family lives on less than $2 per day, many families in these areas are unprotected from the infectious disease. Most alarming to Fairchild is that malaria, which kills over one million people each year, is preventable. Signs of it can range from flu-like symptoms, to kidney failure and eventually death. It amplifies other diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis. Simply sleeping under a net protects families from the illness carried by the parasite found in mosquitoes.
Operation Net partners with corporate donors and individual sponsors to launch new initiatives in other countries. Community awareness is another major component of Operation Net’s mission. The club takes part in projects such as homecoming, Covered This Christmas, Mustache for Malaria and will host an EU 5k. Proceeds will go towards buying and treating mosquito nets.
Eastern’s members and supporters strive to make these life saving nets accessible, provide community support through education and bring the hope of ending this disease.

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