Student babysitters and nannies make economical and educational bundle

Babysitting is no longer just an after school activity for high school-aged girls looking to make an extra buck. It has expanded to one of the most populated professions for students at Eastern.

Due to the relatively few jobs offered to those living on Eastern’s campus, students must look to the outside community for employment.

Fortunately, there are many families in the areas around Eastern’s campus who are looking for willing and able students to serve as babysitters for their children.

“As long as you enjoy children, babysitting is an awesome job,” said sophomore Jill Powell. ” You basically get paid to have fun and play. Not to mention, I’ve yet to hear of a Main Line mom who pays less then $10 an hour – and you don’t lose any of it to taxes.”

Babysitting offers flexible hours, easy scheduling, and due to the wealth of the surrounding community, competitive wages. Many students rely on their babysitting jobs for their sole income, and have been able to meet all of their needs as students on these wages.

The benefits of babysitting also often have long term effects for college students, especially those seeking a career in a similar field, such as education.

Adrienne Christophel, an Eastern student, feels very positively about the effect of babysitting on her future.

“It has also been a growing experience,” she said. “I am an Elementary Education major, so I have come to enjoy babysitting for what it’s worth.”

Babysitting jobs are readily available for any interested students and can be found in the “Part-Time Jobs Newsletter,” which is provided by Career Services found in the mailroom.

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