Sports Jerseys: A student gives his opinions on sports jerseys today.

Creating the best-looking jerseys in sports is no easy task. But here are my opinions on which jerseys are the best, worst, and all-time favorite jerseys.

First of all, I am pretty biased towards Philadelphia sports teams. The Phillies’ uniform is pretty phenomenal. I just wish they wouldn’t wear so much dark blue. The Eagles uniform is flawless, except I would prefer to go back to the old kelly green. These iconic jerseys are a throwback, and of late, have been named to return in the 2023 season. What made these jerseys so good was that they looked like the green instead of the “green” we now wear. The Flyers have very lovely jerseys. Sorry, this is yet another unpopular opinion, but orange jerseys are by far the best. On the other hand, the Sixers have the worst jersey of all the big-named Philadelphia teams. There is really nothing special about it. But it does look way better than the ugly black and gold ones we wore in the early 2000s. 

Okay, that’s enough about Philadelphia sports teams. As I was saying, any team with an orange jersey normally looks pretty amazing. When I was six years old I was the biggest Baltimore Orioles fan around. Why? They had orange jerseys, and even better they had a big orange bird as their mascot. The Texas Longhorns have in my mind one of the best-looking college football jerseys. As I was doing research for this article, I was reading about the ugliest jerseys and the original Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ was considered one of the worst. When I looked it up, I was surprised. I thought it was one of the coolest orange jerseys I have ever seen. Much nicer than the overly bright red and black they wear today. 

There are a few famous jerseys I feel aren’t that amazing. The Los Angeles Laker’s jersey isn’t that great. The purple and gold colors might symbolize royalty, but it just doesn’t strike me as something good. The Green Bay Packer’s green and yellow color scheme is honestly ugly. I don’t know why these colors should ever be together. The Kansas Jay Hawks blue is unbearable to look at. Some teams don’t have ugly jerseys, but they have such unoriginal ones that they should count as terrible. However, a lot of teams do share the same color scheme. Think about how many college sports teams wear red and white or red, white, and blue; yeah, there’s a lot. 

After telling you my opinions on the famous sports jerseys in their respective leagues, my all-time favorite is the Netherlands International soccer jersey. This jersey is pure orange from the shirt down to the socks. Not only because of the color, but I am Dutch, which means a lot more. So think about your favorite jersey; what makes it different from the rest?

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