Professors prepare for publication, presentation

The following is a partial list of professors’ projects in progress.

Doug Trimble: Paper: The Effect of Tenure and Generation on Organizational Identification, Communication, Openness and Satisfaction

Mark Hallen: A theater project with an advocate for prisoners’ rights for Philadelphia’s 2005 Fringe Festival

Stephen Boyer: Book: Co-authored with Chris Hall tentatively titled Through a Glass Darkly: Theology and the Mystery of God

Caroline Cherry: Book: Co-edited George Fox’s Legacy: Friends for 350 Years Ron Matthews: CD: Now is the Time to Worship by Ron and Gary Matthews

Jean McIntire:Article: Music and Literacy in the Elementary School

Dean David Greenhalgh: Book: A revision of his manual Strategic Planning for Christian Schools

Betsy Morgan: Anthology: Home is Where You’re Going co-edited with Nancy Linton from Cathedral Hill Press

Talli Sperry: Presentation: On the effectiveness of “Just Say No” campaigns, for the Pennsylvania PTA Convention in April 2005

Mary Stewart VanLeeuwen: Paper for presentation: Justice, Peace and Reconciliation in Male-Female Relations

Tony Blair: Article: When Time Shall Be No More: The Happy Conjunction of Theoretical Physics and Biblical Cosmology

Walter Chung: Article: Readiness of Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Students to Serve Persons with Schizophrenia Eduardo M. Ramirez: Article: Youth Ministry Ruth Palmer: Research paper: Age/Sex Structure and the AIDS Epidemic

Walter Chung, K. Wicklund, Ruth Palmer, G. White: Paper for presentation: Knowing our counseling students: Career choice and Gatekeeping

Phil Cary: Book: Signs and Inwardness: The Powerlessness of External Things in Augustine’s Theology of Grace, sequel to Augustine’s Invention of the Inner Self.

Kathy-Ann Hernandez: Paper for presentation: Motivation in Context: Engagement and Achievement among African American and African Caribbean High School Students Nathan CorbittBook: Love Thy Neighbor

Jack Bower Book: The third edition of his book, Accounting Through the Eyes of Faith

John Stapleford:Article: Exchange Matters: Social Capital and Culture

Chris HummerArticles: Compilation on archaeology in the Delaware Valley

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