PowderPuff off to a running start

It’s that time of year: Time for cheers, the spiral of footballs and the smell of dirty laundry to begin.

Eastern is currently fifteen games into the PowderPuff football season, with many more games to be played. With six teams competing in the PowderPuff league, the competitiveness is extremely high.

“I play for Hainer, and we are doing pretty well so far,” junior Samantha Terenzoni said. “We are 1-1 but it is not about that because we are having a great time playing.”

“I was amazed to see how many girls play and how serious it is actually taken,” Terenzoni continued. “These girls go all out, and it is impressive. We had one girl who snapped her finger out of its socket and she popped it back in and continued to play, so that was really cool that she plays all out no matter what.”

Not only are the girls on the team dedicated and committed to the game, but so are the coaches. In PowderPuff football, the teams are led by males who usually have a good idea of how to play football. Taking time out of their busy schedules, they coach the girls, always remembering to include fun as much as possible.

“It is such a fun experience teaching girls all different types of plays and then watching them execute it in the game, because it shows that you can actually teach as a coach without having any prior experience and the girls are willing and accepting to what you coach them,” Eagle Hall coach senior Edem Appeah said.

“If you have that mutual respect on your team, it will help the team as a whole because you have girls who want to play and have fun, and a coach who has enough players who are willing to play and go out there win then hopefully go all the way and win it all by winning the Superbowl.”

The next set of PowderPuff games will be played on Oct. 24 on the Auxiliary Field. Come out and support all of these hard working players and coaches.

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