On the same Page with your SGA

Classmates of Eastern University,

hopefully your summer was great and you are well prepared and rested for this upcoming school year. To the first year and transfer students: we at SGA plan to help you in your transition to this new environment in any way we can. Please let us know how we can do this. To the returning students: Welcome back, make sure to make use of your relationships with us, that is what we are here for.

This upcoming year for SGA is both busy and exciting. We have many goals to enhance your experience at Eastern. Our key goal is to build communication between SGA, the Students and the Faculty, but we need everybody’s help to make that happen. The first step we have taken is creating forums for communication through the Waltonian, WEUR, live SGA events and individual interactions between each member of SGA and the student body. Expect to see announcements for SGA events on campus soon!

We hope that we at SGA made a good first impression with First-Year Students as we helped them move in to Eastern and greeted them and their families as they arrived. We plan on emulating those gestures throughout the school year. We also have now started an account on Facebook (SGA Eastern) to add to our avenues of communication. Expect to see the SGA Website up very soon!

Finally, we are looking for First-Year Students to run for leaders of the First-Year class. We are also looking for a Sophomore interested in running for Sophomore class Treasurer. Election packets are available outside the SGA office. For any more information on how to run, please contact us at SGA@Eastern.edu.

May God bless you and keep you,

James Szabo Laughlin,

Senior Class President

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