Nickel Creek’s Why Should the Fire Die? mixes music, instruments well

Listening to Nickel Creek’s third album, Why Should the Fire Die? was extremely pleasant.

This album does not fit into a specific genre. However, I would say Nickel Creek, in this album, sounds like a mix of bluegrass, pop and emo.

The band has three members: Chris Thile, Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins. For 12 of the 14 songs, Nickel Creek brings in Mark Schatz to play bass. Nickel Creek also has Eric Valentine play the drums for “Helena.” As a note, “Scotch & Chocolate,” “Stumptown” and “First and Last Waltz” are instrumental.

All the members of Nickel Creek are extremely talented and play a variety of instruments throughout the album.

Chris contributes whistling, stomps and vocals, and he plays the guitar, tenor guitar, banjo, mandolin, mandola and bouzouki. Sara offers vocals and stomps, and she plays the fiddle. Sean stomps and does vocals. He also plays the piano, ukulele, bouzouki and guitars.

The instruments make the songs absolutely wonderful to listen to. The fun part of listening to them was trying to identify or even count the instruments.

Nickel Creek, a southern California band, first appeared on the music scene in 2000 with their self-titled album. Two years later, their second album,This Side Only, was released.

Five years after they first came on the music scene, Why Should the Fire Die? came out.

Not only does Nickel Creek come together as a band, but Sean and Chris have their own solo projects. Sean has two albums out, 26 Miles (2003) and Let It Fall (2001). Chris has four solo albums: Deceiver (2004), Not All Who Wonder Are Lost (2001), Stealing Second (2002) and Leading Off (1994). Sugar Hill Records has taken on all of the albums by Nickel Creek members.

Give this brilliant and astounding album a shot.


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