Neighborhood League Shops offer guilt-free shopping

The streets of Wayne are generally quiet on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but as I entered The Neighborhood League Shop across from The Mustard Seed and Louella Ave, I suddenly realized where everyone was. The stores were filled with men and women trying to discover antiques, trying on clothing, or inspecting jewelry.

The workers, mostly volunteers with a smattering of paid employees, were all smiling as they greeted and helped customers with their findings. “This is a fun place to work,” one worker commented to me in between the line of customers.

The Neighborhood League Shops of Wayne have been involved in giving back to the community for 85 years. This non-profit organization consists of three shops within a block in Wayne: The Clothing Shop, The Alley Door and The Neighborhood League Shop, which sells antiques and furniture. Throughout its long history within the community, the organization has continued to invest in local causes.

Proceeds previously went to the Neighborhood Visiting Nurse Association but are currently dedicated to four major causes: The Timothy School, The Women’s Resource Center, The Wayne Senior Center and Peter’s Place.

The Timothy School is a school for children diagnosed with autism or pervasive developmental disorders. The Women’s Resource Center is a center dedicated to providing connections and resources to women in the area. Peter’s Place offers a place where grieving families and children can receive counseling and resources.

So far in 2008, The Neighborhood League has donated $33,500. In addition to raising money, The Neighborhood League has put on fashion shows at the Senior Center and continues to be active with its beneficiaries.

The Clothing Shop is an especially good find for college students. Clothing ranges from casual dress to prom dress, from jeans to business suits. The prices are great, and there are some designer brands sold. I found scarves for $5 and coats for $20. The clothing is also in good condition, a prerequisite for donations. There is something for everyone in this store. Guilt-free shopping is hard to find, but shopping with The Neighborhood League is easy on the pockets and the conscience.

For more information on The Neighborhood League Shops of Wayne, please visit their Web site at

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