Michelle Obama … and the shorts heard around the world

Toward the last few days of summer vacation, my television watching experience was bombarded with images of the Obama family on vacation.

The next thing I know, the images of the first family were enlarged to show first lady Michelle Obama up close and wearing shorts.

At first glance, I couldn’t care less about the entire topic but after thinking more introspectively I began to see the dilemma at hand.

While this did seem like a harmless ensemble on any other person I felt that, as the first lady, Mrs. Obama is not just another citizen but an icon; one that many associate with the leader of the free world himself.

The way you carry yourself will reveal your values and will determine the kind of attention and respect others will give you. If you simply do not look as though you deserve the esteem, you will not get it – at least not to the degree that you may expect.

I am in no way saying that someone who wears shorts, especially like those worn by Mrs. Obama, should be disrespected. I am simply saying that as a public figure, one must look as though they are somewhat a step above the rest at all times.

If a professor entered their classroom with briefcase and flash drive in hand but was attired in pajamas and bunny slippers, as the student, you would not view this instructor as someone who deserves your utmost attention.

Again, I am not saying that people should be judged solely by what they wear over the content of their character, but as a society we measure others by how they dress: below us, on our level, or transcendent.

Seeing as it is her first year as one of the most iconic figures of America, I can understand that this kind of thing may happen. Still, we must consider the image that is put forth not only to the citizens but to foreign countries as well.

As of right now, Michelle Obama’s “mom shorts” were nothing but a presidential fashion faux pas.  However, I hope from the attention Mrs. Obama has received due to her vacation attire, she will take more thought in dressing herself for every occasion as one of the faces of America.

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