Love with Furry Friends: Copy editor Jennie Brouse writes a letter to her beloved pups.

To my boys,

You’re the ones who have never left my side, and you always know how to make me smile. You’ve been with me for good and bad, and you’re there for me even when nobody else is. You never judge, and your love is unconditional like no other. I miss you both like crazy, even after all the years we’ve spent together. You make me miss home, and goodbyes with you are the RUFFest. Even though you steal my food, and love to get in trouble, I can never stay mad at either of you.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend and that certainly applies to women too. You’re my two best friends, and I know I can rely on you. You’re more trustworthy than any human I know, and you’re the best at keeping secrets. You always know when I am sad, and how to cheer me up. Even though we cannot communicate verbally, you know how to brighten all of my days with your goofiness. I wish I could be with you playing in the snow. I know it’s your favorite time of the year, whether you’re catching snowballs or burying your heads under a giant lump of snow, soaking yourself in the process. Maybe next year we’ll have more snow to enjoy together. I cannot wait to come home and see you both again soon.

You’ll never understand this letter, and that is perfectly fine, but I truly am so blessed and grateful to have the two best dogs in the world to call all mine.

Love, Jennie

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