Kea-Guffin sneaks by GDH for PowderPuff title

Raise your fist and join in the chant, because Kea-Guffin has captured the PowderPuff championship for the second year in a row.

“From the beginning of the season the girls have been fired up to play in this one game, so I was determined to do anything I could to get them there,” said junior Taylor Kiser, KG’s coach. “But I only call the plays, the girls are the ones that make them work. Their hard work at practice and in the other games led them to a victory in the Super Bowl.”

The PowderPuff program finished its second successful season on Nov. 11 with a long, rousing game between KG and GDH. GDH was a team comprised of girls from Gallup, Doane and Hainer Halls.

Students, friends and parents gathered to watch the game, which lasted almost three hours. The crowd of nearly a hundred people endured the cold to watch the battle for the trophy.

Junior wide receiver Julie Meck, from KG, started the game off strongly, scoring a touchdown within the first few minutes. Meck scored four total touchdowns throughout the game, including the game winner. GDH responded in their next drive by scoring off a long pass to first-year wide receiver Stephanie Onarecker.

In the third quarter, first-year Kelly Torres, quarterback for GDH, wowed the crowd by running in two touchdowns.

During the game, the girls displayed not only athletic ability, but strong support of their teammates. The sidelines were full of cheering and even a pyramid built from KG’s supporting men.

“It’s pretty awesome, we had a really good season,” said Jen Kane, first-year lineman for GDH. “We are just really happy to be here.”

KG sophomore running back Rachel Morales and GDH first-year wide receiver Shanell Timothy also scored touchdowns and were strong offensive forces throughout the game.

With a score of 28-28 at the end of the fourth quarter, the game went into collegiate overtime allowing each team a chance to get a touchdown within four downs. KG broke through GDH’s intense defensive line to score a touchdown off a short pass to Meck. The defense then shut down GDH’s explosive offense, ending the game with a fourth down interception in the end zone, to win 35-28.

“We really enjoy playing the best football we can to honor God and to grow closer together,” said senior Stephanie Eft, KG’s quarterback and visible leader on the field. “Because that’s what Kea- Guffin’s about.”

The game was a perfect end to a season where all teams had an equal chance of taking home the trophy. Before playoffs, both teams in the Super Bowl were 2-2, making it anyone’s game. Earlier in the season, GDH handed KG their first loss ever, which added a new layer to the final game.

“I was especially excited with how many fans we had watching the games and the team spirit that was much more evident within each of the five teams,” said junior Brittany O’Neal, the director of the program.

“It was a great season and I’m really looking forward to seeing how PowderPuff continues to develop in the coming years.”

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