Katie Levis takes over the reins of the women’s basketball team

Being the new coach in an established athletic program can be extremely intimidating.

Being the new coach in an athletic program that has not had the best records in recent history can be even tougher.

Katie Levis is the new coach for the women’s basketball team and is rising to the challenge of coaching the girls to a successful season. Levis played basketball both at the high school level and at Messiah College. After teaching in the Hunterdon Central High School girls’ basketball program as an assistant coach for five years, Levis brings her talent in coaching to Eastern.

“I enjoy teaching but love coaching,” she said. “It was God’s perfect timing for me to coach here.”

Being at Eastern is a great opportunity for Levis, not to mention for the women’s basketball team. According to her, their growth as a team has been amazing since day one.

“As their coach, I hope to influence the students positively with my love and knowledge of basketball,” Levis said. “My coaching techniques are more than just Xs and Os; I measure success with the team’s growth.”

All of the members of the athletic department are doing their best to make Levis feel welcome at her new home. The team is also trying to help Levis in any way they can.

“She’s fair, she’s determined, and she always keeps her cool,” first-year Shaneen Brown said. “She’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever had.”

“She’s honestly a dream come true,” senior Mandy Kuiken said. “She’s exactly what we’re looking for. We’re lucky to be following her lead.” Kuiken played on the team for all of her college career and is excited to have a new face on the sideline.

For being a new coach, Levis is doing pretty well at Eastern. Of course, having a brother, John Levis, who just happens to be Eastern’s men’s lacrosse coach has to help in some way. Rest easy, Eastern: despite the rocky start, the women’s basketball team looks to be in capable hands.

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