How to free a prostitute with $1,000

Forced prostitution.

Bonded slavery.

Abuse of street children.

These are three of the many terrible injustices that International Justice Mission is striving to eradicate throughout the world.

IJM, which started in 1997, is a nationwide group that strives to fight against injustice, specifically: “sexual exploitation, slavery and oppression,” according to the official website,

“We have three main objectives: raising awareness, fundraising and prayer,” Mallory Mussler, president of Eastern’s chapter of IJM, said.

This year, Eastern’s chapter of IJM has set the goal to raise $1,000 to be able to free a person who has been forced into prostitution.

“IJM is constantly working to gather evidence to prosecute the perpetrators of forced prostitution. The money helps in every step, whether supplies or after care,” Mussler said.

To reach this monetary goal, IJM’s primary fundraiser is Eastern’s rendition of the popular television show, American Idol,, which will be held in the spring, according to Mussler.

“The money goes to the IJM organization and we allow them to determine where it is most needed,” Mussler said in reference to how the funds will be used to emancipate a forced prostitute.

Eastern’s chapter of IJM meets every Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. in Gough Hall. Any student who wishes to become involved in helping the group to reach their goal by next May may attend.

For more information about International Justice Mission go to their website,

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