How to Find On-Campus Jobs: An Eastern student walks you through the opportunities available.

Are you looking for a job this semester? Would you like to work on campus with a job that has flexible hours? Are you unsure of where to look for on-campus jobs? Have you found an on-campus job but do not know how to apply? Well, keep reading to have all of your questions answered.

Eastern offers a variety of on-campus jobs for students with no experience required. But the first step to searching for a job is understanding the two different types of employment. The first type, work-study, is a Federal program that is awarded to students with financial need. To discover your eligibility for federal work-study, check the most recent award letter from the Financial Aid Office on The second type of job is Eastern Campus Employment, a program available to all students. When looking for jobs, there will be a description which states whether the job is for work-study or Eastern Campus Employment.

Now the search can begin. The easiest way to find an on-campus job is through Handshake. Handshake can easily be accessed through your Eastern email. Upon logging into Handshake, click the icon at the top left that states jobs. To narrow your search, select the filter titled on-campus. Upon clicking on the various positions, there will be a role description provided. Following the role description, you will find a name and contact information to apply for the position. Many positions require a resume or cover letter. For assistance with creating or revising these items, an appointment can be made with the Center of Career Development via Handshake.

Another way to find on-campus jobs is through the various flyers posted around campus. Many job opportunities are posted on the bulletin boards in the academic buildings as well as residence halls. One of the major places to search is the bulletin board in Walton on the second floor. New jobs are frequently posted here. On each flyer, there is a description and point of contact to apply for the position.

Here are some of the most popular positions available on Handshake: the Mail Center is currently hiring employees for Fall 2021 through Spring 2022. The description of the position involves handling, sorting, distributing, pick-up and delivering campus mail and assisting with making copies and using the University Switchboard. Federal work-study is required to apply for this position. Sodexo is also hiring with positions available for students with work-study and Eastern Campus Employment. Students have the opportunity to work in Zime, the dining commons or Breezeway. Tasks include but are not limited to food service during meal times, food preparation and sanitizing common areas. Last but not least there are a variety of positions for assistants and associates of differing areas of specialization. Ranging from theatrical technical assistant to prison education special program assistant. And the list goes on and on. With so many options available, there is a position to meet every interest. Good luck on the journey to finding the ideal campus job.

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