Homecoming Winners

Homecoming Queen Abby Briggs

Social Work and Spanish

Carlisle, Pa.

Abby likes eating, reading and being with her friends. She also likes to travel. She has visited Morocco and studied abroad in Spain where she met her boyfriend, Pepe. She plays college intramurals, powderpuff football and is a member of ICE. She loves dancing, singing, reading and all sorts of sports. She lives with her friends in Wayne and commutes to school.

Homecoming King Paul Charles

Bible and Theology

Norwich, England

In addition to Paul’s British accent, he is famous for… his British accent. He likes to claim that he is from Texas, and some do beleive him, because of his charming poker face. He loves watching “The Office” and playing real football, known to Americans as “soccer.” He loves a “decent burger” and actor Samuel L. Jackson. He was an RA last year, and this year he is a member of R4Kenya. He believes that he won because he knows alot of people on campus, and he works at Undergraduate admissions, but mainly he thinks he won because of his accent.


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