Former adjunct professor places third in an essay writing contest

Former adjunct professor Randy Frame recently won third place in the Templeton Foundation Power of Purpose essay contest, according to a press release from the American Baptist News Service.

Frame’s article, “Fixing Haiti,” was based on his 1995 trip to Haiti.

According to Frame, the delegation was part of a humanitarian effort to expose the reality of Haiti’s situation in hopes of inspiring people to write stories and raising awareness about the conditions.

During an encounter with nuns who were caring for dying children in an orphanage, he discovered that the women were doing more for Haiti than his American delegation with its plans to fix Haiti’s infrastructure.

The article was chosen out of 7,300 articles as one of four third-place winners.

Frame is the National Ministries’ acquisitions editor for Judson Press. He plans to donate part of his $25,000 third place prize to National Ministries, his church, Eastern University and Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Students in Frame’s feature articles class, including senior Amy Gorman, proofread the article before it was submitted.

“What the essay made me realize is the grandiose schemes that Western thinkers like to talk about,” Gorman said, “but the people who live in the difficult places can’t afford to be so unrealistic.”

Frame cares little for the fame.

“The nicest thing about winning is to know that my words will make a difference to someone,” Frame said.

*Copy Editor Rebecca Harwick contributed to this report.

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