First woman to serve as Chair of Board of Trustees

Dr. Stacey Sauchuk was chosen to serve as the first female chairperson of the Eastern Board of Trustees.  Previously, Sauchuk served for several years on the Board of Trustees as Chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee. She now oversees all the committees that make up the board. 

Sauchuk graduated from Eastern in 1981.  When the Board of Trustees was looking for new members, “Derek Ritchie reached out to me as an alum,” Sauchuk said. 

“I had a great experience (at Eastern) and I thought this was a great way to give back,” she said, explaining why she decided to join.

Sauchuk anticipates a rewarding experience as chairperson: “(Dr. Black) is always trying to come up with innovative ideas, and the (other) board members are just great,” she said.

The board voted Sauchuk into the position of chairperson in May, and she will be leading her first meeting of the Board of Trustees in October.  “I’m very excited about the opportunity to serve in this capacity,” she said.

Dr. Sauchuk works for the Education Management Corporation, where she is Senior Vice President of Academic Programs and Student Affairs. This corporation owns 90 college or university campuses around the country.  Dr. Sauchuk works to ensure that students on various campuses are having positive academic experiences.  EMC is based in Pittsburgh, but Dr. Sauchuk lives and works mainly in the Philadelphia area.

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