Fall intramurals going strong

Intramurals are recreational sports organized among students. However, at Eastern, the students believe it to be a tad bit more than that.

There is no other time like intramurals to make memories, have fun with friends and be competitive at the same time.

The intramural sports that are going on right now are soccer and volleyball. These games are all about bragging rights and trash talk.

“I really like playing with my friends and the non serious aspect of the soccer games I play in,” junior May Youngworth said.

“Monday nights are crazy for me,” sophomore Brooke Proffett said. “Intramurals are a guaranteed fun time every week.”

The majority of people who participate in these games enjoy them. There is always that thrill for victory or defeat.

Some people like to play just to stay active, and some play because they can.

“Being able to play intramural volleyball is fun because I really miss playing volleyball in high school,” said sophomore Damacia Gilbert about playing for the “Kick-A-Kids.”

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