Easy Dorm Food

Just because you’re in a dorm room doesn’t mean you can’t cook. Here are some odd tricks to creating delicious meals and snacks using appliances in your dorm room.  

Coffeepot ramen.

No microwave? No problem! Simply run some water through your coffeepot, pour it into a bowl, and add noodles and flavoring. It’ll take a bit longer for the noodles to soak, and you might have to go through a couple cups of water, but it’ll work.

Your toaster oven is basically a mini-oven.

That is, you can use it almost exactly like your oven at home to make cookies, brownies etc. You just have to make smaller batches (and everything will come out flat and square).


English muffin pizzas

Slice up some English muffins and toast then spread pizza sauce on top and add toppings (pepperonis, shredded cheese, etc). Microwave for about a minute and enjoy.

Ramen chips

Ramen is not only a delicious soup, but it can also be a crunchy snack on the go. Just take an unopened packet and crush the noodles into little chunks. Then open the bag, remove the flavoring packet and pour some of it inside. Finally, shake the bag to spread the seasoning, and you have ramen chips

Iron bacon

Long ago, when junior Bella Fout was just a freshmen, she bought a pack of bacon only to realize that she had no way of cooking it. Using her ingenuity and her roommate’s generosity, she managed to cook the bacon with an iron and tinfoil. Here’s how she did it:

-cover your desk with a towel and place a sheet of tin foil down

-put bacon on tin foil

-cover with another sheet of foil

-set iron to the highest setting and press

According to Fout, it’ll take about 30 minutes for the bacon to cook, but it’s worth the wait solely for the chance to say that you cooked bacon with an iron and tin foil.

Microwave Scrambled Eggs

For a tasty breakfast, just beat 1-4 eggs in a bowl and add milk. Microwave for 30 seconds per egg, stirring occasionally.

Coffee without a coffee pot

Just secure a coffee filter onto a mug with a rubber band, then place grinds on the coffee filter and slowly pour hot water.

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